Off White Chiffon Silk Saree with Floral Motifs & Satin Border

Off White Chiffon Silk Saree with Floral Motifs & Satin Border

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Chiffon resemblance unique recognition for every women to owe a exclusionary definition for today's ethnic wear. The most enticing fact about Chiffon is it is made from cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers under a magnifying glass resembling fine enhanced methods which gives chiffon a most demandable material for Shari's.

The most alluring fact about Chiffon made from natural fibers is can be dyed to almost any shade. Give a touch of refinement to your ultimate beauty with selecting this Silk Shari in white and golden colored Chiffon shari crafted finely with golden color in each edge as well as pallu of the Shari ultimately adding a touch of golden color. This product is authenticated by Silk Mark Of India stating that it's 100 percent genuine and authentic.
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Fabric Silk
Style Chiffon Saree
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Very Good
Praveen Kumar
12/28/2020 1:02 PM
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